Build Your Brand in 2020

(and stay sane doing it!)

March 23, 2020
A virtual event on Zoom

Join Juliane Nowe & Jen Weatherly for a brand journey you won’t soon forget.

To build a brand in 2020 you want to be clear about your purpose and build a community of loyal fans through story. Communicating through your social posts and email will become easier and when someone asks you what you do, you’ll be able to say it with confidence. 

Join Julianne Nowe and Jen Weatherly for a brand journey, where we’ll walk you down the path of being in the moment with your clients, to say the right things and walk away knowing that you gave them all of you. This event is going to be filled with powerful tools so you can begin to see your business in a new way.

Juliane Nowe will guide you to stay “sane” and in your own power when it comes to creating your business and ultimately creating the life you want. You’ll need to know yourself fully so you know exactly what you offer others. You are your business. People want to be part of your work and buy from you because they want what you have, they can relate to you and you remind them of their true power.

I’m going to discuss:

  • Feeling confident in expressing your offerings.
  • Choosing price points.
  • Saying yes to what lights you up.
  • Serve your community best by saying no to what doesn’t feel right to you.

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Jen Weatherly has been building purpose filled websites & branding for 5 years and is now bringing her top tips and exercises to this event to get you into a brand story mindset so you can make more money.

We’re going to:

  • Talk about how a brand story will help you talk about your business with ease.
  • We’ll do some exercises to get you in the right mindset around your customers buying path.
  • Talk about how to use your customers’ buying path to market your products and services to them.

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Boldly be who you are and refine how you do business.