The Total Branding PAckage

Craft Your Branding With Purpose

A DIY solution from a purpose driven entrepreneur that wants to see you succeed in your business no matter what income level you are at right now.

This course is set to open on February 18th, 2020. More details to follow. In the meantime here is what we’ll learn to do together.

Your Products

For some purpose driven entrepreneurs like coaches or healers, creating products/services that people need and will buy is an uphill battle. You have to know who you are creating products for and why they need them or you have no business. Your products need to fulfill a great need or you need to adjust your products. To sell your products and services you’ll need to figure out who the product is for, why do they need it, what will they get, and what are the benefits. 


Creating A Brand Story

I can’t stress this enough……create a brand story for your enterprise! This is a foundational piece that comes before everything else. It may even help you imagine better products that your favorite clients need that you never even thought about before. A great book that I highly recommend is Donald Miller’s Building a Storybrand. Go get this book, read it, make your brand story. Go on…..I’ll wait. Just kidding, but if you’re serious about your business you’ll go and do this. 

Brand Messaging

Now that you have an awesome brand story you can move on to crafting a badass brand message. This takes some writing skills, but most of all it takes a customer-centric approach to communicating with your customers. Them first, then you. If you read the book you’ll get the hang of it, but this will take practice. No joke!


Branding Visuals~ Setting the Scene

If you want to choose a good color palette find an image that gives you the feeling of working with you…..ok this is a weird one, but put yourself in your customers mind for a minute. What does it feel like to work with you?

Here’s how I want my clients to feel

I want my clients to feel like they are standing near the ocean and the sea fog has rolled in. They can feel the damp fog on their skin and they feel alive with all of their senses. They embrace the mystical feeling of being wrapped in this gentle force of nature and they can just BE. It’s here that we drop our defenses and we can be who we really want to be. I take this beautiful place and design from here, when you are at your most raw.


Bringing in the feels

If you meet your client in your most desired place where would that be? 

A forest opening with huge cedar trees around you. A minimalist office space with two comfy chairs. On the yoga mat. At the pub with a fresh pint of craft beer.  

What’s happening around you?

You may be in a cityscape. Maybe you are on a farm. Is coffee involved, because I need that shit. What time of day is it?

Set your scene!


Now go and find the graphics

This is really important. Some people make a Pinterest board to get them inspired, or browse through image catalogs to find elements that really light them up. This is a cathartic exercise to pull together a look that’s going to represent you.You will only use a handful of these images, but now you have a good stock for social and blog posts.


The Color Palette

You’ll begin to notice a theme developing in your image folder. If you add the Colorzilla extension onto your chrome browser you can pick the best colors out and create a palette that is all you. You can also search through Pinterest to find premade palettes that may work for you.


Ok so now I’ve given away all of my trade secrets that have helped me build a small but mighty business that I love. I’m here when the kids get home from school and I have great clients that are so much fun to talk to. I’ve created the beach atmosphere in a company, and that’s fucking great!


Now go make an awesome business and drop me a link to show me your progress!

Learning to Design

So I could code a website, but they didn’t teach me how to design a website. Learning these skills took years for me to embrace. It also took customers willing to hire me while I learned how. I have to say this was the most overwhelming phase of my life because I was raising 3 small children, 2 where in school and the baby woke every few hours during the night. Exhaustion was an understatement. With so much information at our fingertips, I stayed really up to date on the Divi theme and stalked great designers’ work.  Eventually, I figured it out and started attracting really great clients and my prices went up so I felt supported. Now I’m in a place to start giving back, so here is how I would craft a brand in a soulful way to stay true to the client.