Psychic Business Consultation


Unlock Your Flow and Unleash Your Soul!

Your Sacred Brand comes from this wonderful place!



Session 1

In the first consultation, we ask the soul what it needs to heal.

We will cover:

  • A Connection with your guide/guides
  • Bring back their message from your soul
  • Ask for flow adjustment needs
  • I give all parts of the design elements they give me ( I will send you files that they are saying yes to through a Google Drive folder)

Session 2

In this session, we ask the questions you want answered.

We go further in these areas:

  • Soul pieces that want to come back, I clear your energy and prepare the soul piece to be reintegrated
  • Soul medicines that our Source wants to give you
  • Soul healing that our Source wants to give you

In all areas of my work, your free will is always held in the highest regard. I always ask if you want to receive what they are giving, or if you want to come on the journey with me.

Please refer to my terms of service.

I will send you a booking link once paid.



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