I love making websites, but when it comes to the social media game, I have a lot to learn. In a Facebook group this weekend, the admin asked us to ‘Share Yo Shit‘. Make a post about something you’re working on or a service you provide. This group is all about brand awareness and for the first time I wanted to up my game. A wave of inspiration came over me and I knew what path I wanted to take. I didn’t even know how big to make my images…..DUH!

So here’s The Ultimate Cheat Sheet from Hubspot. I love Hubspot for anything and everything marketing. They definitely know their shit. This cheat sheet covers Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Youtube.

Most profile pictures are a 1:1 ratio and can be used across all of your channels, but the cover photos are all different sizes. What really tripped me up was the Shared Image in a Post Feed. I went for a square photo as a shared link in a post feed. Well this was not a link, just a photo and I should have gone for 1200 X 630. This is what I posted. The image turned out great, but the dimensions were off. I’m pointing this out because it’s part of my learning evolution, not because feel embarrassed.

And on my business page it worked out beautifully!

I love the path that I am on and I am happy to share this great resource with you.

So here it is again, The Ultimate Cheat Sheet from Hubspot.









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