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Meet Your Soulfuly Algined Boss Experts

Erin Strayer

Accelerated Business Strategist and Growth Consultant

Fully believing there are 100 ways to do the same thing right and recently honored as a “true champion and inspiration for women entrepreneurs” #52women52weeks; Featured in DOTpreneur as an upcoming entrepreneur and thought leader, Erin Strayer combines over 30 years of cross platform experience into her current strategic growth consulting business.

Jen Carter

Holistic Health Coach

Jen has a way to naturally dig deep into the depths of a woman who feels overwhelmed and drained usually creating symptoms of fatigue, gut disorders, and mental/emotional disharmony. Using her co-creative techniques to obtain a broad view of what steps are needed to bring peace back to your body while motivating the depths of your soul.

Sian Elizabeth

VA & OBM… VA Coach & Mentor… Queen of Conversions…

Sian has launched three businesses in the past fifteen months, she knows this is crazy; but each time Sian has a new vision, she has developed this into a successful business.  

As a VA, Sian was the lady ‘behind the scenes’. She was then guided by her intuition to step to the forefront as a Coach & Mentor to VAs.

Sian recently added to her mission: to find a way to make ALL female business owners a Queen of Conversions.

Jen Weatherly

Cosmic Weaver of Soulful Connections, Technology and Design…

Jen is a Cosmic Weaver, who loves showing people how to hear THEIR truth.

Jen wants every business owner, to find an amazing Business Flow!

Using her sacred connections, Jen defines your true message and delivers it to you in the form of a message, a website or a branding design.

Kelly Espino

Spiritual Empowerment Speaker and Coach

Kelly Espino, Spiritual Empowerment Speaker and Coach works with women who are ready to take back control of their life, step into their power, and share their beautiful light and Divine gifts with the world.  

Kelly is on serious lightworker mission to help women DESCONSTRUCT the debris they have accumulated from societal conditioning, upbringing, and trauma and RECONSTUCT a solid foundation that helps them tap in and UNLEASH their PERSONAL POWER by connecting with their AUTHENTIC SELF.  

Not the “self” that society or your family says you “should be” but the DIVINE SELF.

The Best Part!

Everyone who shares/tags a bestie gets put in a drawing to win coaching/session

 Possible Offer
5:1 coaching
30-45 min sessions from each expert
(We can figure out the value & charge if you all agree )

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