Testimonials From Happy Customers

Flow, relatability, connecting & messaging – none of it melded until I worked with you!  I just wanted to not deal with it, as it was so overwhelming and “techy”. YOU LISTENED!!!  To me, to my needs – wants – direction – 5 year plan – and your super power tapped in to make it super fun and not stressful! Growing, scaling, easily added-to, professional, relevant to my purpose & easily navigable.

Erin Strayer

The Erin Strayer Show

One word. That was all it took for Jenna to unravel the Gordian Knot that was my brand. I had determined some elements of what I was looking for, but there was no cohesive theme to the whole thing. Enter Jenna and her incredible intuitive insights. The site she built for me goes far beyond anything I could have dreamed of, both functionally and design-wise. I would absolutely recommend Jenna’s skills and insight for any project!

Mackenzie Clench

Copy Writer, Buried in Blu

I was in the middle of an extensive website build and the company I hired began to charge me additional for services that were not under my original Agreement with them. I was extremely frustrated! Not only had I spent a significant amount of money, time and energy on the project, but most importantly I lost all trust and faith in them to continue the project.

Jen jumped right in and assisted me when I was in a really tight spot, over a Holiday weekend in a time crunch to back-up files and get my site up and running. She did not miss a beat. She was patient, professional and trustworthy. Life is so much better with my site in Jen’s capable hands. I really do not even think about what updates need to occur or security issues. I know that all is well which allows me to concentrate on my business instead of what is going on with my site.

Jen Sprow

Harmonizing Your Soul

Bringing her intuition and web design professionalism, Jen Weatherly helped revamp my former WordPress website into a fresher, more user-friendly authorpreneur website running on the popular Divi WordPress theme. Jen’s expertise is not just the technical aspects of web design, as she was able to help me communicate what I do to my site visitors in a color scheme and site setup that I wanted, with a e-course hosting platform that made sense for my How to Self publish e-course and Badassery 101 confidence e-course for introverts.
She also helped me immensely in implementing my freebie downloads for visitors that links to my email list on the homepage so that it’s easy to find for the visitors. She goes above and beyond in showing me how to do things on the backend of my site and records sessions that we’ve had on zoom so anytime I can revisit what we talked about since I have major amnesia when it comes to tech stuff.  Not only am I happy with how my website turned out but Jen’s patience and professionalism helped make my site revamp a great experience.
Roseanny Lui

Writer, Scorpius

I hired Jen to revamp my website and gave her free creative reign.

Her intuitive hits were right on the mark which gave my site the fresh look and feel I was going for.

Love it! Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Pfeiffer

Intuitive Coach, Elizabeth Pfieffer