A Shamanic Journey of Epic Proportions

I used to think unicorns were fluffy and totally princess, until I was visited by herd of them.

Jen Weatherly

Soulstress and Branding Maven


I was born with one foot in both worlds, with knowings about people that were never well received and other world beings trying to help me in this world. As I grew, I tried to live like a normal person, but that just made things worse. I closed down my ability to communicate with my guides so I could fit in, which left me alone.

One day things started to shift and I realized that I needed to remember who I am. Over the last 10 years, I have worked hard to cleanse the old energies, accept my shadow self and learn how to use my gifts in extraordinary ways.

I'm so happy you're reading my words and watching my videos.

Thank you.



Dez Albert

Shamanic Soul Woman

You can find Desiree at soulshealingpath.com


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