The Bohemian Storyteller
Spring Roots Daycare
An Enchanted Author and Storyteller Site
This website was pulled from Judie Troyansky’s enchanted connection to the unseen world of the Dark Fae. It was so much fun to work on this site!
In this age of technology, a great website is important for business!
A Creative Writer’s Steam Punk Style
I helped Mackenzie unlock the true essence of where he was going creatively in this steam punk style website.
Mackenzie Clench Creative
Mackenzie Clench Cretive
“One word. That was all it took for Jenna to unravel the Gordian Knot that was my brand. I had determined some elements of what I was looking for, but there was no cohesive theme to the whole thing. Enter Jenna and her incredible intuitive insights. The site she built for me goes far beyond anything I could have dreamed of, both functionally and design-wise. I would absolutely recommend Jenna’s skills and insight for any project!” Mackenzie Clench

Creative Copywriter, Mackenzie Clench Creative

Spring Root’s Daycare
Spring Roots Daycare
Grow and Play the Barefoot Way
This site was created for a great child care centre in Fredericton, N.B. Be sure to check out the Coffehouse page!
Soul Medicine Woman
This site is packed with amazing graphics from the client. I created a catalog of her services that looks like a book! Check it out!
Souls Healing Path
Souls Healing Path
As a client I can attest to the quality of service, the understanding of what I wanted/needed from my website even when I didn’t, And the name… It couldn’t be more perfect – its mystical, inspiring and refreshing! Just like what Jennifer brings to the table consistently for her clients! I HIGHLY recommend to do business with Sea Fog Media. You won’t be disappointed! Dez Albert

Soul Medicine Woman, Souls Healing Path

A Jobbing Machine Shop
DC Machine is a Fraser Valley machining shop that needed to stand out in a crowded market. The cool layers blended well with welding bright orange and metallic grays.
DC Machine
DC Machine
Sweet Soul Mama’s
Sweet Soul Mama's
Pregnancy and Childbirth Services
Sweet Soul Mama’s focuses on placenta encapsulation, post-natal treatments, and childbirth classes
Fredericton Maternity
In this site I made the logo and a cool Pinterest style blog layout on the homepage.
Fredericton Maternity
Fredericton Maternity

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