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Give your clients a great experience and they won’t forget it!

Sales Pages

Amazing sales pages….sell! BOOM!


I make super cool video’s that are sure to impress!

Website Hosting

I offer hosting packages starting at $5 a month.

Modern & Responsive

Of course your site will be responsive! It will be Google and SEO friendly, too!

Specializing in Worpress

I make my sites in WordPress using the Divi Builder. You get access to create content and I will train you how to do it!

Payment Plans

Payment plans make owning a website so much easier! I would like to work out a payment plan that works for you.

Why Sea Fog?

I make awesome websites for businesses that are taking it to the next level!

Jen Weatherly- Web Presence Builder

Branding and Web Design

My incredible skills come from my love of making websites. I love taking your ideas to the next level. Infusing design with your message in a way that engages your readers and makes them love being in your web space. I can identify your brand by having a deep conversation about you and your business and who your target market is. The website and brand building process is a fun and rewarding experience.

My Process:

When I work with a new client, we will have a Skype session and get to know each other, what your business is all about and the best way to monetize your offerings. You’re brand is exclusive to you and your website should immerse your new clients in all of your awesomeness. I am great at identifying messages in your copy and making this a message that your new clients see and read.

About Me:

I’m an intuitive designer and a maker of many different things. From utilitarian wall art, to natural landscape design, I live to create!

Once we decide to work together I;

Create a branding strategies that including topography, color palettes and graphic style.

Make you an awesome website that is unique to your brand.

Set up SEO for your site.

Install an email subscriber service in your site and set up you email service.

Set up a store or a membership service to sell your programs, products and services!


I studied at BCIT in the Online Web Technologies program.


HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop

Do You Want to Get Found by Search Engines?


All in One SEO Plugin is the Bomb!

There are many levels of SEO in your site; from proper setup of a stellar plugin, rich content that describes your brand, XML site maps sent into Google, Social Meta set up, page titles and descriptions, Social page descriptions, Bad bot blockers and more. This is the SEO that I can set up for you!

Of course, there’s more…linking out to other sites, but not too much or your rating will drop. Having an SSL certificate on site, some hosting providers will include this for free now. On and on, it’s endless!


If You Buy A Website From Me…

I set up your SEO so you will be found in your desired keyword search. I can’t guarantee it, however every site I have created is on the first search page of their desired keyword search. Even better, 2 sites are at the top!

Would You Like me to Set Up SEO on Your Current Site?

I can do that!  I have SEO packages starting at $250.

Other Services

Rich Content Copy writing

The finer crafting of rich content per page costs between $75-$175, depending on the depth of the content.

I source this out to Mackenzie Clench. He’s a great published writer, copywriter with a lifetime of experience.

He offers packages for:

  • full website content writing,
  • blog post writing,
  • creative mentoring and more!

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