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Stop wasting your money with marketing that won’t work because your website isn’t built to convert visitors.

Your website should be your top performing virtual salesperson, welcoming visitors and getting them set up with what they need.

Does your website offer the right solutions to your clients?

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When you hire us, we’ll make sure the lines of communication are open and you know what’s happening each step of the way. We are dedicated to your website design project going smoothly. 

Our first meeting will dive deep into your visual design, your customers and their buying path with you. This sets the tone for the whole project.

We want to give you a design right away that we can start testing, so we design a user interface that can be used and tested. This is the second step to our iterative design process.

In our third phase, we begin development of the website using the UX data gathered in phase 2. Once it's complete we begin testing the website on different screen sizes to prepare for the launch.

We launch your website to the public. We also include a webinar to walk you through using the website. Your training will be customized to your needs.

For purpose driven people that want to make as much impact as they do income. 

Book a 20 min call and let’s talk about your vision.

A great website design should feel good to use.

Happy Customers

We come to our work with a calm attitude and a joy for life.  Our process is a great experience from beginning to end. This makes our customers happy. It’s the reason we do what we do. 

Richard C Chambers
Richard C Chambers
All I can say is Wow! I have worked closely with Jennifer for a few years now. She has always been able to perfectly create the vision of our brand no matter how niche it is. She is truly a creative genius. Seafog is very easy to work with. I’m not very technical and I need someone to truly handle thoses aspects. Jennifer has helped us expand and grow our business to international success! From marketing, branding, web design, and ecommerce, I have been completely taken care of. It is truly a blessing to not have to worry about these parts of your business when you have someone that you completely trust. I don’t know what I would do without her! Thank you so much for everything and the continued support on our new projects and business ventures. Kind regards Richard (Author, Mentor, CEO)
Juliane Nowe
Juliane Nowe
Jen is the best when it comes to websites and branding ! She takes your vision and really hears what you want and need and makes it even better! You can trust her and feel at ease being extra creative to suit yourself and your customer
Ken Clench
Ken Clench
I've worked with Sea Fog Web Design several times on different projects, and I've always found the work to be thoughtful, functional and beautifully designed. Jen approaches her client's projects as if they were her own, and that quality comes through in her work every time.
Jen is amazing at what she does- she intuits a creative direction, digs deep with you to get a full scope of her vision and then works with you all the way through the process to deliver an outstanding and GORGEOUS web design that is pleasant to use and representational of your energy. <3

Connect with us

We remember.
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Dreaming of my next camping trip…..that’s longer than a week.
Time to reconnect with nature.
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The Emotionally Intelligent Customer

Our emotional intelligence has evolved and we are guided by impulses. We only start thinking about something on a deeper level when it grabs our attention and sparks our curiosity.
It’s an extremely useful tool to weed out posers, false information, and bad attitudes from seemingly harmless people. We use it to navigate life, to make good choices about who we want in our lives and even the companies we associate with. It makes sense to have an empathic understanding of this and how it applies to your products and services.

Enter User experience and User Interface design, UX/UI. I have been aware of the user’s experience for years. Pulling together graphics and ideas that are inspired and sure to please the viewer all based a deeper understanding of what people really want to see and read.

If you want to get a UX designer's eyes on your website to see how it could be improved, then reach out to me. I can audit your current setup and give you suggestions about how it could be improved.
Click the link in the bio to get started.

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The Era of the Experience

User experience or UX design is all the rage in the business world. Last years' way of designing for web and marketing are gone and the user’s experience is the focal point for big companies.
Now you may not be able to hire a UX designer at your company, but you should start to look at how user’s experience your website, purchasing process and your products or services.

Here are 3 ways that your company can implement user experience into your business.

First, you’ll need to create a brand story. A brand story is the first step to understanding how your clients purchase from you. It gives you the pieces to develop a brand narrative that can be used in networking, website/product design and content, sales calls and marketing.

Next, you want to feel into your company’s brand and set the tone. This might all sound like fluff, but when you get the tone right, people know what to expect from you. So many businesses don’t know how to get the attention of new customers. Set your focus on the tone of the brand, and the right graphics and content will come together so much easier. Stop wasting your marketing dollars on a message that isn’t landing.

Lastly, listen to the people. We are in business for the people and I am so glad the Era of the Experience has arrived. I could talk forever about the way customers should be handled within companies, however at a minimum, a company needs a way to track what people are saying about their products and customer service. A simple online form can be plotted onto a spreadsheet, so you can see what needs improvement.

I love that people are starting to care how people feel when using their services and website. As we turn over into the new age of business, you’ll need to keep up and connect with your customers. When you buy a website from me the entire design comes from the brand story. So let’s write some great content together and get it into your website.

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Jen Weatherly
Awesome websites built here.

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Having a website built can be a daunting task. You need to find a web designer that knows how to help you take your company forward.
Here’s 3 things I focus on in website design;
1 👏
A great user experience.
We start this process with some questionnaires and from those we develop a brand story which guides the purpose of your website design. We really want to understand your clientele.
2 👏
Solid branding throughout all of your digital material like your website, social channels, email headers and Google My Business.
3 👏
Really great content. Your blogs, products and styling needs to position your brand. We make sure to cover this in the beginning of the project with a competitive analysis so we know your competition and what makes your brand stand out.
Book a call with me and we can discuss where you are at in your digital journey. When I partner with someone we enter into a win-win arrangement, where I bring ideas and innovation and you should bring me feedback. In the end we will make something great.
You’ll be proud to drop your link, because that’s what I do, I make it so easy to drop your link.
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I love touring Nova Scotia! This is Skyline Line trail, Cape Breton Island. ...

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Dropping your link will feel so good.

Have you ever not shared your link on social media because your website isn’t where you wanted it to be? It’s a real problem business owners have, which stops them from sharing as much as they should be. If you are thinking about it, can you imagine what your website visitors are thinking? User experience is vital and that means that your website needs to be awesome.

It needs to tell a story about buying from you and it needs to have a great page layout for usability and product display. If you want to build better engagement and feel good about dropping your link, let’s talk.

Book a time with me and we can dive into it.
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Give the people what they want.

When you are starting out in business you need to put together a quick website. This is a great way to get going and make sure you can sell your products.
Once the ball is rolling, you’ll need to upgrade your brand, your design & the website layout to your customers needs because we are in the world of user experience and we need to give to people what they want!

If you are in that space of knowing it’s time to upgrade your web presence, then I think we should talk. I’d be happy to review your current website and hop on a call with you to let you know how I can help you modernize.

Photo cred: Intricate-explorer Unsplash
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I’m so easily captivated by beautiful things….
Happy Friday everyone,
It felt like January took forever and February is packing a punch. We are hunkered down watching the second storm come through.
It gives me more time to create and find beauty in things.
Peace my friends…

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Design in life is extraordinary! ...

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Your creative direction is the immovable force of your business; always pointing in the right direction.
Remember to circle back to your brand strategy to know where you’re heading.
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Here’s the raw truth about being in business. It’s all about the customer.
Your products, content and graphics should be about them.
We design for the customer, your customer. So when they come in contact with your brand, they feel connected to it.
Create a strong brand strategy and the rest falls in line.
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Got to love a beach day. There nothing more relaxing in the whole wide world! ...

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I’m loving the design!! ...

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The grouse are so friendly. Another epic beach hike! ...

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Star gazers keep us real. ...

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Fresh vibes for May!
Love the people.

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If you could live this day over again, what would you do differently?
I think about this everyday and every time this is what comes to my mind.
I would walk along the ocean and breathe in the air.
You are being called to do something, so you can connect to yourself. I have come to the not-so-scientific conclusion that feelings are goals. There I said it....Feelings are goals.
This is the framework of abundance, fill your mind with things that make you gush.💦
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