I love supporting people through the experience of knowing their Inner World.

Jen Weatherly

Cosmic Business Consultant


I’ve always tried to avoid titles, I hated the thought of closing myself into a box.

First, I started as a Web Designer. This was a title I could receive once I accepted myself as an Artist.

Then, I began Sacred Branding, once I accepted my extra sensory gifts.

Even in knowing my gifts, I find it hard to label these.

I am a powerful conduit of cosmic energy.

A Cosmic Weaver

Creator of Sacred Digital Businesses.

 I focus my talents through 3 distinct channels:





Technology is easy for me. I can see and feel the flow of function using technology. I trained in Web Technology at my dream school in Burnaby B.C. From there I bought the Divi WordPress theme Developer License and started learning the how to design websites with Divi in WordPress. I studied the Divi Facebook groups, where developers happily give round table advice about concepts like CSS, plugins and general problem solving. My Divi knowledge has grown out of a collective of top developers using Divi in amazing ways.



I’m an artist. I live to create. This is part of how I think and how I solve problems. I love functional and utilitarian pieces highlighted with elements of stunning, edgy textures and color palettes.

My website designs are clean, minimal and fucking gorgeous! The flow is always dialed-in and all pieces are soul designed.



I’m a soul whisperer, a modern oracle. When I connect to you, your soul guides fill my ears with everything about your true soul essence. I translate this into a dialed-in flow. There are messages for you. If you accept the call, I help you with your soul needs. This clears the way for an amazing sacred business to develop. The end result is a magical experience for everyone involved.


Whatever the reason we come together, you will come away from it having heard your soul speak to you.

Let's Talk About Your Business

It's time to uncover the design potential that your business has to offer.

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